Unexplained Inc.

Season Premiere: Smashing Through The Boundaries

September 23, 2022 Phantom Phil Season 1 Episode 1
Unexplained Inc.
Season Premiere: Smashing Through The Boundaries
Show Notes

Unexplained Inc. is back!!!!
It is kicking off the first ever seasonal format with an explosive episode one!

In this episode Phantom Phil flies solo to discuss his healing journey through heavy metal music. Also the misconceptions and false stereotypes get examined. Phantom Phil even takes us back to his interview with Phil Jacobs of Toronto Sound Therapy from earlier this year to reinforce key points of this show.

But the main themes revolve around two concepts
1. Music heals and ascends consciousness of the individual or the collective
2. Phantom Phil's journey with Metallica's Master Of Puppets and how the inclusion of the song on the Stranger Things season finale was a MAJOR breakthrough for collective consciousness and a victory of epic proportion for long serving metalhead worldwide.

Here is a clip of that scene below:

Buckle up as this new incarnation of Unexplained Inc....where the unknown connects with the empowered...gets real spicy and real emotional. Stay curious cause if you ain't curious you may as well already be dead.

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