Unexplained Inc.

Chapter Five: Heart vs. Ego Living....w/ Spirit Medium Daniel Jackson

October 21, 2022 Phantom Phil Season 1 Episode 5
Unexplained Inc.
Chapter Five: Heart vs. Ego Living....w/ Spirit Medium Daniel Jackson
Show Notes

In this next instalment of the latest season of Unexplained Inc. We welcome back one of our most talked about guests in the early stages of 2022...Spirit Medium Daniel Jackson.

The basis of this episode is a frank discussion on the differences of walking on the spiritual path while living from the heart of being controlled by the ego. As expected this goes into some territory that was unexpected...which is how we like it...here are some of the discussion points:

- How did Daniel feel when he knew he could communicate freely with Spirit and will it eventually completely take over his 3-D personality?

- Why we shouldn't mistake his confidence with arrogance...which includes him shutting down a surprise debater he had to deal with while on a different podcast hosted by another 'Phil'...go figure!

- Being mindful in how spiritual practitioners use 'certification' for their students

- Why Daniel feels religion is completely man-made and is disconnected from Spirit.

- Discussing his podcast Beyond The Veil and which guest got Phantom Phil fired up over his opinions on Core Shamanism.

- Tattoos as portals to unwanted energies.

- Some new spooky spirit encouters from Daniel and elaborating on an older one.

- His new book The New Beginning: My Awakening As A Spiritual Medium
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