Unexplained Inc.

Chapter Twelve: Season Finale / Revelation

December 09, 2022 Phantom Phil Season 1 Episode 12
Unexplained Inc.
Chapter Twelve: Season Finale / Revelation
Show Notes

The season finale of where the unknown connects with the empowered is here! There will be a guided explanation of the reveal of this season's theme with exclusive narration and episode clips.

But not before Phantom Phil gives the unlikely back story that inspired the theme of this season and how it played out in the physical world right around the release of Chapter IV back in October. The journey of a pro wrestler with esoteric / conspiracy tie ins that lost the purpose of  his character, eventually his job and the loss of one of his closest ring brothers in Dec. 2020. A journey that progressed to an impossible return in autumn 2022. Referenced clips to this story are below:

Bray Wyatt's Man In The Woods Story:
Bray Wyatt's Return Promo 10/14/2022:

After the reveal Phantom Phil discusses early plans for next season and discusses some of his past blogs which can be accessed below:

The Four Pillars Series and other works:

Shamanic Journey Blog Trilogy: