Unexplained Inc.

Archbishop Ron Feyl-Enright (semi) Retired Exorcist...Returns!

April 07, 2023 Phantom Phil Episode 3
Unexplained Inc.
Archbishop Ron Feyl-Enright (semi) Retired Exorcist...Returns!
Show Notes

For the first time since Halloween 2021 Ron Feyl Enright returns to Unexplained Inc. In his first appearance he discussed his story and the formation of the internationally renowned Order Of Exorcists (https://orderofexorcists.com). On this edition we get into some slightly different topics that include:

- The longtime schism that exists within the Catholic Church

- His relationship with Unexplained Inc. alumni Ralph Sarchie

- His published book Exorcist's Secret Confession: Concealed Cases Of Diabolical Activity and Demonic Possession

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- Movies involving demonic subject matter and whether they bother him or not. Plus opinions on the Exorcist reboot coming this Fall.

- Examining some of the Catholic criticism for The Pope's Exorcist even BEFORE it has been released theatrically.

- The Order's new directory to help those in need of spiritual protection.

- Ron's very provocative view on extraterrestrials and Phantom Phil's synchronicity that happens in the outro.

- The outro provides further updates on the remainder of the season.

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