Unexplained Inc.

Mother-Gaia Gratitude Fiesta...Featuring...

May 12, 2023 Episode 8
Unexplained Inc.
Mother-Gaia Gratitude Fiesta...Featuring...
Show Notes

True Believers this show has been intentionally left as a mystery until now. On the cusp of Mothers Day around the world Unexplained Inc. goes spiritual with a fiesta and celebration of Mother Earth...aka Gaia. This one touches on a lot of metaphysical, spiritual and even conspiratorial topics but is all shared for the greatest and highest good...here are out feature guests:

Zoe Fields...the mother of Carrie-Anne Fields...Carrie-Anne had to postpone her appearance but we get mama Zoe instead and I'm glad that we did...here is a link to Carrie-Anne's business:

Andye Murphy...Aka The Rock'N Roll Shaman...Andye was a guest on last season...Chapter 10 to be exact and she returns to bring the fire...her website is here:

Karly Van Every...helping Phantom Phil steer the ship as a guest co-host...Karly is a psychic intuitive and reiki practitioner making her third appearance on the show...you can connect via her Youtube channel and book through her website:

Here is a special link to the video Phantom Phil mentions in the intro of the interview from July 2021:

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