Unexplained Inc.

Psychic Medium + Intuitive Expert....Lynn Nicholls

June 02, 2023 Phantom Phil Episode 11
Unexplained Inc.
Psychic Medium + Intuitive Expert....Lynn Nicholls
Show Notes

In this edition of Unexplained Inc. (https://www.unexplainedinc.com)....Phantom Phil is joined by Lynn Nicholls...a psychic medium and intuitive expert...Lynn came on Phil's radar when she was a guest on Daniel Jackson's Beyond The Veil podcast and found out she was somewhat local and was able to get her on as a guest...here are some of the main conversation topics for this week's show:

- The hacking of Lynn's IG account / Psychic scammers of social media
- The connections to Daniel Jackson & the great state of Arizona
- An obscure book from 1982 that sharpened Lynn's intuitive abilities
- Possible 'scammer' psychics in the tourist section of her hometown of Niagara Falls, ON, Canada.
- How we can all sharpen our intuition and tap into our gifts.
- How Lynn can shut her gifts 'off' from time and time and live a regular life.

Plus much more...
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