Unexplained Inc.

Ghosts In The Desert And On The Home Front

September 29, 2023 Phantom Phil Episode 2
Unexplained Inc.
Ghosts In The Desert And On The Home Front
Show Notes

This week on Unexplained Inc. we have another double dose. Both returning voices and familiar faces...plus an extended outro from Phantom Phil dealing with a very unexpected spirit encounter on a night out at the beginning of autumn.

Segment #1: Becky McKiddy-Gydesen returns to the show. This is her first appearance on the show in over a year and a half. These are some of the topics discussed:
- Her in-person meet up with Phantom Phil in Tucson, AZ last Christmas
- Running the first ever wildly successful Tucson Paracon
- Haunts of the old desert movie sets
- What seriously scared her in the town of Jerome, AZ?
- Why she may write a book somebody about all of her paranormal experiences
- How she has been anointed the 'unofficial saviour' of Unexplained Inc.

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Segment #2:
On September 23, 2023 Phantom Phil attended a local event hosted by Unexplained Inc. alumni Lauren Holder-Flynn. The evening was about connecting with Spirit at a local historical museum. It was a paranormal investigation that ended with a seance. Phantom Phil conducted a quick interview with Lauren after the event. Then at the end Phil tells the tale of his own Spirit encounter and what he had to do about it after he got home! This is a story you won't believe!

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