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Hauntings, Spirit Guides & Elvis Living In Ontario...WTAF??

October 13, 2023 Phantom Phil Episode 4
Unexplained Inc.
Hauntings, Spirit Guides & Elvis Living In Ontario...WTAF??
Show Notes

Sadly during this fabulous interview there was some compromised audio. The guest's connection was a little sketchy at times and is most noticeable in the first fifteen minutes or so. One story had to be heavily edited because the audio wasn't usable. But have no worry as this is only a small part of the chat....just wanted to give a heads up!

True Believers! Welcome Spirit Guide Jonathon Shannon to the show for the very first time. Jonathan is a Canadian care-of Wales with a bit of feisty Scottish in him and is affiliated with the space Metaphysical Mojo.

Metaphysical Mojo is located in Dundas, Ontario, CA. A suburb of the sprawling city of Hamilton...you can connect with the space and see it's event list here https://www.metaphysicalmojo20.com

Jonathon is leading History Of Halloween Ghost Tours, a haunted pub crawl, paranormal investigations and having a great time doing it. He is also instructing classes on meeting your spirit guides, astral projection and the true practice of Wiccan philosophy...among other things.

This interview covers all of that plus some incredible synchronicities between himself and Phantom Phil. You will find out just how insanely haunted parts of Ontario actually are and we broach the burning question...did Elvis Presley actually live in eastern Ontario after his supposed death? The urban legend surrounding this may surprise...stay curious!

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