Unexplained Inc.

Entering The Heart Of Darkness w/ Jon Uhler, LPC

November 03, 2023 Phantom Phil Episode 7
Unexplained Inc.
Entering The Heart Of Darkness w/ Jon Uhler, LPC
Show Notes

This episode delves into the darkest spaces in the show's history. It is not recommended for everyone...especially younger listeners...it is an important discussion to have nonetheless and stay tuned to an extended outro for the show by Phantom Phil.

Jon Uhler is a licensed therapist that has come face to face with the worst society has to offer. On this episode he stops by to break down the dark doings of Satanic Ritual Abuse (aka...SRA). This term has been deemed to be 'cooky conspiracy theory' by many but after this discussion one will see this is likely not the case. But in order to understand these happenings Jon goes deep into the mindset behind these heinous acts...here is what else gets discussed:

- His background working in various correctional facilities
- The difference between a sociopath and a psychopath
- Why psychopathy is a downward spiral one may not be able to come back from
- The differences between ritualistic abuse and satanic ritual abuse
- How this type of abuse stretches into the highest corridors of power within society
- MK Ultra and mind control
- Who would perp on children and why
- Could some of these acts be the bidding of spiritually low-level entities?
- Why he can likely prove that Jeffrey Epstein did NOT kill himself
- How distorted the term 'extremism' can get

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